Swans Trail Farms is owned and operated by Ben and Carol Krause and their family. It is our mission at Swans Trail Farms to provide our customers with a wonderful experience and a peek into our farm life. We try to create an atmosphere where people can come together for fun and celebrate in a beautiful outdoor setting.

In 1984, Ben and Carol bought the Staswick Dairy Farm from Sid and Marguerite Staswick. The Farm had been in the Staswick family since the early 1900s, being operated as a dairy since the 1920s. Gentle Ben (as he is known around the valley) operated the dairy, renaming it Swans Trail Farms, building upon what the Staswicks had established as a quality dairy with a fine herd of cows.

In November 1997, the Krauses sold the milking cows with the idea of concentrating on opening their farm to the public for all of the seasonal activities. This change has enabled them to have more time with their family - a very welcome and important change.

The Farm at Swans Trail has been hosting weddings for the past decade. The site includes a refinished old barn, a waterfall, pond and large yard enclosed by apple trees. In 2012, we opened our new indoor reception hall providing a beautiful rain or shine option for any special event.


Jocelyn K Brown Photography